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Solar warm light for home

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  1. Brightness LEDs, long working life, no need to replace batteries. Suitable for outdoor fence-wall lamp and garden
  2. Photo Sensitive: In the daytime, it turns off and in the night it turns on automatically
  3. Good design: Smiling face, a cute design in garden decoration. 100% Weatherproof
  4. Easy Installation: Solar powered, easy to install, no wiring required. Screw-mounted or by 3M tape fixed
  5. Warranty: 6 month warranty
1. Light source: 3LED*15LM
2. Solar plate: poly-silicon 2V/162mA
3. Waterproof: IP55
4. Material: ABS, PC
5. Charge time: 6~8H
6. Using time: ;8H
7. Accumulator: Ni-MH/AA/1. 2V*1300mA
8. Photo-Sensitive

Installation and Operation Instructions
1. Pull up the lamp cover from the middle slot under the lamp cover with a slot type screwdriver
2. Take out the plastic part in the part bag; hit it into the pre-drilled hole in the wall; lock the product in the wall with screws through the screw holes in the product with a screwdriver; if the mounting surface is wooden, the plastic part is not necessary
3. Pull out battery separator for the light to work
4. After the installation, the product turns into automatically light-operated mode. In the daytime, it turns off and charges automatically; in the nights, it turns on automatically
5. You also can install the item on the wall with the 3M Glue, but make sure to keep the wall tidy.

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