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Clare Solar Panel 50W Mono Perc BIS Certified

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  1. 50 Watt Mono PERC Panel with High Efficiency in Low-Light Conditions
  2. Built with high quality glass and solar cell, Mono PERC gives higher performance in low-light and cloudy weather.
  3. Silver Anodized Aluminium Frame
  4. 25-year Performance Warranty
  5. (L*W*H) (665x544x25) mm

Clare Solar 50 Watt Mono Perc Panels are made with High Efficiency Grade A Mono Crystalline cells. With Ultra clear Tempered glass and 5 bus-bars design, the Clare Solar panel cells achieve an efficiency of ~22% even in low light conditions and clouded weather.

This 50 watt panel has maximum rated voltage of 18.8v that can be used to charge 12v battery with and without PWM charge controllers. All Clare Solar panels come with 25 years performance warranty, IP68 Junction Boxes and XLPE DC Cable ( 1 mtr each for + and -) along with IP68 TUV Certified MC4 Connectors wherever provided and as mentioned in the contents.

Technical Specifications:

Brand                                      Clare Solar
Output Power                         50 Watts
Technology                             Mono Perc
Open Circuit Voltage              22.6v
Maximum Power Voltage       18.8v
Short Circuit Current              2.82A
Maximum Power Current       2.7A
Dimensions                            66.5 x 54.4 x 2.5 cm
Weight                                    4.2 Kg

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